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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Camargue Documents

The Camargue has always been the slightly odd modern Rolls Royce. Not just because of its 9 degree slant on the grill, but because it was not designed in house, it was designed by Paolo Martin of Pininfarina in Italy.

Here it is in an original press release photo trying to gain credibility next to AX201 the Silver Ghost. Notice that AX201 is sporting a couple of badges at the time.

Below is an original design sketche of Paolo Martin and more can be read about the sketches here.

Paolo Martin also designed the 1971-1972 Fiat 130 coupe when he was at Pininfarina. It is a touch similar.

Similarities have also occurred in Dirk Van Braeckel's work, who designed the Bentley Continental GT. His previous work included the Skoda Octavia Coupe and again they look kind of similar. More on that here.

What is cool is these documents below.

Yep, they are the original blue prints of the Rolls Royce Camargue.

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