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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bentley Azure Final Series

Let's take a look at some of the Bentley Azure Final Series features.

Bentley Continential R final series

It certainly is an impressive car. Now for a photo outside the factory.

Bentley Continential R final series

Clive Sutton previously had one for sale, and made a video of it.

It certainly is a collectors car.

What is a bit special is this one currently on offer by P.A Woods.

Let's just say it has had a bit of a lazy life so it is worth a lot more.

Lazy as in it has only travelled a total of 260km.

The advertisement states:

Bentley Azure by Mulliner Park Ward LHD - 2003

Tungsten Grey with Slate Grey hide and Dark Grey hood. Aluminium dashboard. Unregistered, with only 260km. Number 4 of 12 from the final series.


The number 4 of 12 does contradict Clive Sutton's video of how many were made, but really we are dealing with used car salesmen. It kind of adds to it as well.

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