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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continential R Special

Bentley Spotting has become known for the amount of modern coach built cars that get reported on, and for the individualisations people make to their Bentleys.

The most popular article has been about the Royal family of Brunei with their vast collection of coach built Rolls Royce and Bentley cars. There has been an expansion to other Royalty, particularity the Middle East as well as the occasional celebrity.

On a side note, does anyone have pictures of the Bentleys owned by African playboy quasi-Prince Teodorín Nguema Obiang who's father is Dictator of oil rich Equatorial Guinea? He is in the clan the apparently Sir Mark Thatcher was embroiled in with a coup attempt in 2004. He has charted Paul Allen's mega yacht, purchased a $35 Million Malibu property and invested $25 Million into a rap music label, and used to go out with the rapper Eve. Unlike Brunei however, his people still live on less than $1 per day and there are only 500,000 of them. I think they could do with better advisers. Read more in this LA Weekly article.

With Royalty and celebrities this is a reminder that this is a super market isle blog by the way, not a prestigious peer reviewed publication, so a bit of trash is allowed.

Now back to the current Bentley.

This is a Royal Family of Brunei Bentley Continential R Special. Most likely made for Prince Jefri.

Just look at those shark like bonnet vents. Just Great. Right on for a special Bentley.

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continential R Special

It as for sale at Balmoral and here is the advertisement.

1993 Bentley Continental R (Special)

Finished in Cobalt Blue with French Navy Hide, French Navy Top and Knee Roll, Royal Blue Wilton Carpets.

Believed to be 1 of only 2 made for the Sultan of Brunei, upgrades include Twin Intercoolers, Water Injection, Special Louvered Vents, 17" Bentley Alloy Wheels and Azure Seats.

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continential R Special

Full Build Specification available along with Documented Service History.

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continential R Special



Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continential R Special

From the list of Bentley and Rolls Royce cars built for the Royal Family of Brunei it has been determined that the two cars referred to in the advertisment are the following:

SCBZB04D7PCH00207 Bentley Continental R JB3
SCBZH04D0PCH00208 Bentley Continental R 1 H

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continential R Special

From the VIN these are 1993 Sultan Special Bentley Continental R's that were built together and both share UK registration.

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continential R Special

The registration plates have since been transferred to another coach built Bentley Special owned by the Royal Family of Brunei.

More to come as always.

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