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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bentley Continential T Talamo Special

The Bentley Continential T Talamo Special was developed after the Mulliner Project 116 special made for Carlo Talamo, the Italian importer and retailer of Bentley Motor cars at the time.

The idea was to make a racing version of the Bentley Continential T, and this was done by a serious weight loss diet for the car. 200kgs in fact.

Power and torque improvements were mainly intended to put extra sparkle in performance between 50mph and 115mph. Nonetheless, P116 reached 60mph in 5.5 sec and can hit 160mph.

Here is the original P116 car.

Bentley Continential T Talamo Special

More pictures and information on P116 can be found here. The car currently resides in the storage complex of Bentley Milano.

What happened however, is a couple of customers wanted the Project 116 special as well. So what did Carlo Talamo do? Customer satisfaction of course and commissioned two more to be made.

It is presumed the Talamo made these two Specials himself, and sold them to eager customers. One was red and the other black. They had the same interior and were on the same weight loss programme.

Car spotter Yo was able to capture the red Bentley Continential T Talamo Special on the street, and here it is.

Bentley Continential T Talamo Special

Mesh headlights and bonnet vents certainly make this Special look the part, not to mention the polished aluminium bonnet.

Photo courtesy (Johann Petit, Supercar Photo Collection) Used with permission.

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