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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bentley B3 by Pininfarina

The Sultan of Brunei's coach built cars have been quite popular on One can read in detail about his extensive coachbuilt Bentley cars, as well as his coachbuilt Rolls Royce cars.

Below is a detailed gallery of one particular coachbuilt Bentley.

The Bentley B3.

The Bentley B3 was commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei, or his brother Prince Jeffri and was designed by Pininfarina.

The car is a rebodied Bentley Continential R. Shall we say the ultimate personal commission?

Twelve cars were manufactured in total. Two in 1994 and ten in 1995.

The VIN numbers are below, along with their Brunei registration numbers.

The 1994 Bentley B3's.

SCBZB04C7RCH52074 Bentley B3 BM 8877
SCBZB04C4RCH52081 Bentley B3 BN 1111

The 1995 Bentley B3's.

SCBZB04CXSCH52334 Bentley B3 BN 6969
SCBZB04C5SCH52368 Bentley B3 BN 8000
SCBZB04C8SCH52378 Bentley B3 BN 8998
SCBZB04CXSCH52382 Bentley B3 BP 3388
SCBZB04C7SCH52386 Bentley B3 BQ 7130
SCBZB04C0SCH52391 Bentley B3 BP 3300
SCBZB04C9SCH52437 Bentley B3 BP 1100
SCBZB0460SCH52438 Bentley B3 KF 6363
SCBZB0402SCH52439 Bentley B3 BN 608
SCBZB04C9SCH52440 Bentley B3 BP 7557

Learn how to de-code a Bentley VIN number here.

An interesting fact about this car is that even though it was designed by Pininfarina it was not made by the company.

The company that manufactured the Bentley B3 is Coggiola S.p.A. They are an Italian coachbuilder who specialise in building concept cars for large manufacturers.

A very appropriate place for the Sultan to get his Bentley B3s' built. They also made his coach built Aston Martin cars.

The Sultan's car purchasing was conducted in extreme privacy, so it is highly unusual that Coggiola has released these pictures of the Bentley B3. They are the only known photographs to exist.

Pictures courtesy (Coggiola S.p.A)

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At 8:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post. A thing you might want to add/change now you have told all important info that is known on the B3 is that the order came from Prince Jefri Bolkiah instead of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah ;-)

At 11:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and btw, not the only pics:



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