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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bentley Hooper Empress II

The Bentley Hooper Empress II has been featured on Bentley Spotting previously here, when one car was photographed in Monaco.

Six cars were manufactured by Hooper using the Bentley Turbo R chassis from 1986 to 1990 with a completely redesigned coupe body.

There it is in the Hooper book.

Now was it happens, one is currently for sale in France!

It is for sale by Autodrome for € 130.000.

One needs to consider that the car cost £400.000 new from Hooper, and its status as a total collector piece. It ticks all the boxes.

Click on the images for full high resolution images of this magnificent car.

The car is moving art.

It is a sound investment given Hooper's significant history, the rarity of the model and the massive initial purchase price.

The rear looks amazing.

It is certainly not a wreck.

I would have preferred to pay the price that one did at the 'Automobiles de Collection incluant une collection privée', held by Christies on the 23rd July 2004 for Bentley Turbo R Empress II chassis number SCBZSOT00FCH13832 of €64625.00 That would have been a bargain.

I wonder if a pre 1989 right hand drive model exists, so I can import it to Australia and use it for my daily driver.

Pictures (Autodrome)

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At 5:26 am, Blogger Unknown said...

I just saw one in a garage and the owner was asking $150k USD. It was built for Japanese client and imported into the US. Any opinion? It was has 12,000 miles and looks really nice. The badge on the back says Hooper (on one side) and Empress (on other side). The vin seems strange SBBZRo35D2LCX32776.


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