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Monday, August 03, 2015

Regency Bronze Bentley T to Toronto

Well, we made it with no issues, other than a hold up at Canada Customs - a bit of miscommunication.
Resolved eventually.

Here she is posing this morning outside the Toronto Bentley dealer.

I set off very early Friday morning for a long drive .

After a week of mucking about to make this already nice car a David Irvine Nice Car.

Just me being anal. 

 Rodd Sala took it with stride and let me run about like a kid in a candy store.....

The 'new' Old Thing' is just lovely.

I drove her all week and took loads of photos.

Taking photos in very strange places....

Until security chased me away....

Now, if this was an 'S' Type Bentley there would have been an S in front of the Cary Bank. "Scary...."


But this is scary. 
I took this shot as one of Rodd's guys went off to gas her up.
Just a fluke Blackberry Camera photo.

Now here's the Scary part.
This is a shot I took in London in 1983 beside Regent Park. A Regency Bronze 'SY' car with a brown Everflex roof.

"Deja Vu, all over again..."

Here are some more Regency Bronze 'SY' cars from 1981. It was a popular colour back then.

A Silver Wraith II.

A Silver Shadow II.

And an FHC Corniche.

And let's pretend this is my T parked in front of the brand new Silver Spur outside Jack Barclay's in Berkeley Square in 1981.

This old girl's now in the best place she has ever been....

Welcome to Toronto!

Thanks to my dear, dear friend Rodd Sala and his staff for putting up with a very crazy Canadian Northern Irishman all week. They all think I'm obsessed......
And we drank LOTS of coffee.

(Posted by David Irvine - A.K.A. 'Mister T' ?)


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