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Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Garden of Wraith - for sale?

"The Garden of Wraith" is a video by Tax The Rich which features an English country house and gardens, a Rolls-Royce Wraith and lots and lots of power-slides.

What's interesting is that at 1:24 in the clip, the Wraith changes from a car with chrome radiator grille to a car with a very distinctive blacked out grille. It's only for a few seconds, but quite noticeable, 
before the video reverts to the car with the chrome radiator grille once again.

Here are some frames showing the two cars, with first up, the car featuring in most of the video:

Next, the car with blacked out radiator grille which is shown for just a few short seconds:

The full video can be found here if you want to see more:

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London are now retailing a similar (some might speculate identical?) specification car to the second one.

Here are some photos of it:

Is this the second of the cars featured in the Tax The Rich video? 

Team Bentley Spotting thinks there is a pretty high chance that it is...


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