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Monday, January 13, 2014

Ghost V-Specification

A new Ghost limited edition.

"Like Never Before"

The 'V-Specification'

"V-Specification offers Rolls-Royce's flawless paint finish in five carefully-selected exterior colours: Graphite, Black Sapphire, Black Kirsch, Arctic White and Infinity Black. However, you are also welcome to choose any colour you wish from the Rolls-Royce colour palette.

Whichever hue you prefer, the car will feature a hand-painted coachline, which artfully incorporates the V-Specification motif."

Perfection in every Detail:

"V-Specification's every curve and contour is infused with pure elegance, while subtle details hint at the car's potential. For the first time 21" Part-Polished Wheels are added to the standard wheelbase making a bold, powerful statement. Optional visible chrome exhausts complement this aesthetic, giving V-Specification an assured dynamic appearance."

The mark of performance:
"Even the most sumptuous and cosseting interior signifies exceptional performance. In V-Specification, this begins as you open the coach door and are greeted by the bespoke treadplate bearing the car's unmistakable motif.

Step inside and this motif appears along the line of the car's impressive powertrain; carefully embroidered into the rear armrest.

Look closer and you will discover details like contrast piping and stitching."

A unique style. A striking look.

"Central to the elegant dashboard is a custom-made covering for the entertainment system, elegantly inlaid with the V-Specification motif in stainless steel. The car also features an exclusive new clock design with a distinctive black crown surrounding the face."

Unparalleled power, effortlessly delivered.

"Ghost V-Specification's engineering is nothing short of extraordinary; the enhanced twin turbo 6.6 V12 engine delivers an unprecedented 593 bhp, adding to Ghost's already breathtaking power and acceleration. The experience is virtually silent, with 80% of its torque available from idle"

All from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars' website.

Configure your own.

Here's mine:

And a seventies style one:

With a velour interior....

(Posted by David Irvine)


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