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Monday, January 27, 2014

From The Classifieds

Back in July 2013, Team Bentley Spotting posted "More Than Four..."
Here's a link to the post which includes scans of a car by unknown coachbuilder.
It was photographed when on sale in Japan several years ago:
Co-incidentally, it's once again for sale, and as this week's From The Classifieds we can share more details about it....
It's a 1990 Silver Spur II 6-door limousine by SGS (Styling Garage), a German coachbuilder:
Details of SGS can been found at 1000SEL (, the "go to" website for information about the outlandish conversions of the eighties.  
Let's take a look at the exterior:
Three of the 6-doors:  
But it's the crazy gold leather interior that really stands out.
Here's a closer look:
This car is believed to be chassis #LCX32740, delivered new to Berlin in March 1990, and with just 28,000kms from new.
The price is on application.
Thanks to for chassis records.
(Posted by Andy)


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