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Monday, July 15, 2013

More Than Four...

For some occasions, 4-doors just aren't enough!


In 1982, Rolls-Royce Motors commissioned Robert Jankel Design Ltd to design and build a Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limousine, with the ensuing car officially offered to customers from February 1984, in either 4-door or 6-door versions:



The 6-door garnered much press attention due to its price of GBP 140,000, 21ft length (36-inch stretch) and specification including partition, colour TV and video. Between 1984-1989, Robert Jankel Design went on to make over 100 examples of the Silver Spur Limousine, but the 6-door model was found to be impractical with only a handful built.

Other coachbuilders have also created Silver Spur 6-door limousines, although none with the same factory recognition.


Here is one by Coleman Milne:

This example is by an unidentified coachbuilder, but it looks like it may be by Robert Jankel Limited, perhaps post factory contract: 

[Credit to Rolls-Royce Foundation, Klaus-Josef Rossfeldt Collection]

And this car looks like it could be by Robert Jankel Limited too:

This 6-door limousine by unknown coachbuilder was advertised for sale in Tokyo several years ago. Just look at the gold leather interior! Definitely a "bubble" car…


And this example is currently for sale in the UK:



Glenfrome Engineering is reputed to have built several cars for the Sultan of Brunei:
But even the Sultan would find it difficult to match AW Lymn Limousine Services who have available for hire a fleet of 12 x Silver Mist 6-door limousines by Coway Ltd:
And a further 3 x Bentley Birkin 6-door limousines, too:
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