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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Continental GT3 unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

I'm such a fan that Bentley is now back in motor sport.

Pretty much because now I can make my Bentley Turbo R more into a race car.

Here is Bentley's teaser video of the release of the production Bentley Continental GT3.

And here it is.

I think it look so cool. Just look at the swoop of the roll cage.

As expected, it is different to the prototype, the most dramatic the re-designed wing. It's not as good looking as the prototype wing.

But the rear under carriage diffuser is massive. I can picture that on my Turbo R.

That's a 600 bhp 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, with lots of carbon fibre. You know I've looked up carbon composite making shops.

I absolutely love the interior.

Bentley is so taking the piss by retaining the traditional, polished stainless steel bullseye air vents & organ stop controls.

Of course you need those in your 1300 kg race car.

It's just so Bentley.

Here is the stock footage in action.

I so want one.

Well I want a go in one at least!

Come on Aussies - someone buy one. I will turn up to any race track with my Team Bentley flag from 2003 Le Mans win.

PS. I now know what tyres I'm buying. More to come.


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