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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Khaki T2

Actually, it's Moorland with a Spruce interior.

The grille has been painted body colour.
I don't dislike it  - it works.

The perfect military staff car, perhaps? 
The coloured grille shows well in this shot - it gives the front profile a different look:

I'm not keen on those Corniche, Wraith II and Camargue hubcaps.

Oh, but the interior...

Draw up your own opinion on this. Sitka Spruce, mate?

Overall a car in very nice condition with low mileage.

The shorter European rubber bumpers with the air dam and the foglamps - perfect...

Missing the 'Lucas Square Eight covers. "Mind they don't get cracked."
Also those rear foglamps. I want a set of those for my Old Thing.

For sale in the U.K. at Hanwell's. Too bad it's RHD, I like it.

(Posted by David Irvine - thanks to RV for the link and to Woody for the military suggestion


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