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Monday, April 01, 2013

Mulsanne, Spirit, Cloud - Mayhem too

Trafalgar Square update:
An early eighties Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit spotted by kenjonbro on Saturday.
Then a nice Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III
Then a few modern 'PMCs':
But something happened and everyone had to leave....
Not sure what it was, but all is back to normal now.
Great shots Ken.
London (almost) live...
(Posted by David Irvine)


At 7:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Corniche-style wheel discs the above Bentley Mulsanne might be one of the very rare Mulsanne L (longwheel base) cars !! Juergen

At 3:33 am, Anonymous Edward said...

I think the R type is actually a MKIV; it appears to have wheel spats.

At 3:54 pm, Anonymous Amin said...

I have really liked the last one car. it has trendy look. the wheels of this car adds its beauty and provide it unique look. can you tell me that these tires belong to which company because I want to buy strong and good looking tires for my car.


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