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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wheels Car show Canberra

Today was Wheels Car show in Canberra, Australia.

It's a combined show of all the Car Clubs from the Territory.

Here is a video of the arrival.

The Rolls-Royce Owner Club was further away from the dunnys than last year, so no one got wet tyres.

As you would have seen from the video, there was not much space, when ended up me been parked in a slightly exposed area.

Certainly a lot of people took photos of the Bentley with yellow wheels. I actually touched them up yesterday.

I met a guy my age who was thinking about buying a Bentley. So I had to throw him my keys so he could experience driving one. It was fun.

I wasn't the only car with yellow wheels, this Cadillac chassis counts I think.

This 1908 35 HP Mercedes did not have yellow wheels, but it was very impressive. That's pre Benz.

But my favourite car of the show was this.

There is a W.O. Bentley is Canberra. It made my day.


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