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Monday, April 08, 2013

Double Take

So how about this?
A nice Tudor Red Turbo R.
The long one though - the RL
With a factory bespoke (though rather obsolete) R.S.E.S.-  Rear Seat Entertainment System.
It even has the Silver Spur style stainless steel trim around the rear number plate.
There were only 1,410 Turbo RLs built but this one is even more unique.
Look at the right door jamb. The VIN plate.
But wait a minute...
The car's a U.S. L.H.D. car. The plates should be in the driver's jamb....
"Oooerr..." the boys at Crewe must've said. "It's on the wrong saaad.... Bloody 'ell, the boss'll kill us..."
So whaddya do in this case? Fill the holes and repaint?
Nawwww.... Just put a second batch of plates on the correct side!
This has got to be the only car (never mind Crewe product) with left and right matching plates. Quite unique indeed...
It's on Ebay:
(Posted by David Irvine)


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