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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Real Deal

Having grown up admiring late model Silver Shadow IIs in the U.K,
I was somewhat disappointed when I fist came across the U.S. spec cars in 1980.
The lack of an air dam was one (major) thing but the longer rubber bumpers (with the number plate cut out) just didn't look quite right.
U.S. Spec:
European Spec:
Those old Lucas 'Square Eight' foglamps (with the covers in place, of course) are the perfect finishing touch too.
U.S. Spec again (long bumpers) :
And European short rubber bumpers:
Well, what I am getting at here is that there is a Euro spec car for sale here in North America.
It even has those silly eccentric (as in 'odd/strange' - very British...) headlamp brushes:
Not forgetting the 'proper' lower number plate lighting on the rear:
Here's the American spec lighting on another car:
Of course, one more thing is those bizarre European rear fog lights.
They just finish the car.
Also, this is the one with the 'rounded edge' Spirit style grille RR was playing with in the very early eighties:
I would love to have this one but I don't want to upset my Old (Wannabe) Canadian Thing....
The (unique to North America) brown Euro spec car is on Ebay:
I want someone to bring this car the national meet in San Antonio this April.
It's not like all the others over here:
(Posted by David Irvine)


At 9:40 pm, Anonymous John Shostrom said...

This is really a very nice European-spec Silver Shadow II, although a few corrections should be made:
1. The headliner is in correct Ambla, and not Everflex
2. The front side marker lights should be clear, and not amber -- this is easily attended to to render it absolutely correct as per European specification
3. The radius-edged grille was mandatory in certain European markets by the time late Shadow IIs were on the market, and not done because of problems with the soldering coming undone at mitred edges.
4. The bonnet centre strip is mounted backwards - the point should always be at the back of the bonnet and the flat edge at the front

I haven't been able to ascertain if it has correct 235 70 15 tyres, but at any rate, it is a lovely car.

Kind regards

John Shostrom
Hong Kong

At 5:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If one is to be completely correct, a 1980 SSII Euro spec would have no side markers at all (deleted late 77 for "rest of World" cars). These were fitted to comply with N. American requirements.


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