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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nice Day For a Picnic

Team Bentley Spotting has received some more Rolls-Royce & Bentley photos...

But we don't know anything about them!

Here's the first few which seem to date from around the mid-1980s:

We think we recognise the castle...

Do you?

Let us know if you were there!

(Posted by Andy)

UPDATE: John has delivered.

"Your most recent photos are of a South Eastern Section meeting at Dover castle around 1987/88.

I know the date as I did not get my Wraith 11 until 1986, and I can see it in the far distance in the last photo.

We went there most years (I was on the committee and arranged some events.)

The Queen Mother would attend a Sunday Service at the Castle (As warden of the Cinque Ports) and often stop to admire the cars.

John Weston-Smith" Wales.

Thanks John for the information, most appreciated.


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