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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rolls-Royce Ginger Spur

My preparations for Christmas have been a bit lame.

Last night I booked a flight home, and right now I'm at the airport, and just opened the laptop as my flight is delayed.

Kristofer from Sweden however had made much more of an effort than me.

Just check this out. A Rolls-Royce Ginger Spur.

Obviously started with the body-in-ginger white.

Then goes to the coachbuilder.

And now check out the final product. Look at the detail, I think it is just great.

Kristofer says "The ginger bread car is 49 cm long (scale 1:11) and I used my 5.4 m Rolls-Royce Silver Spur III ’95 as original."

"I made it solely out of gingerbread, sugar, wine gum and licorice."

"I guess it would be a bit easier for me to create the templates if I had a Camargue instead. :-)"

"It has The Gummy Bear of Ecstasy as a mascot."

I'm getting hungry.

Kristofer, thanks so much for sending in the photo and making much for of an effort than I have in your Christmas preparations.


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