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Monday, July 16, 2012

Team Bentley Race Suit

I want this.

The Team Bentley Le Mans Race Suit, as worn by Stephane Ortelli at Bentley's comback to Le Mans in 2001

Here is what the ad says:

"Original, race used, Bentley LeMans Nomex suit. As worn by eventual LeMans winner Stephane Ortelli in 2001, with teammates Guy Smith and Martin Brundle.
Suit is made by French manufacturer Stand21 and was custom-fitted to the driver, but anyone suit size 48 or so could potentially fit it."

"It has the team and driver personal sponsors on it as used in 2001 campaign.
It is in great condition and the British Racing Green and Silver are amazing colors that pictures cannot do justice."

"There is some wear on it, as it would be after a week at LeMans. Each driver received 3 suits for LeMans and this is one of them.
There is a serial number and homologation info on the inside and outside of collar."

"I purchased this at auction among other bits from the Bentley EXP Speed Team once they parted out some items from 2001.
Look for other items, wheel, carbon fiber parts and windscreens in other auctions."

"Low reserve, good luck. This is a great item, would be great in any collection or for a Bentley owner."

Can someone please buy it for me.

On sale on ebay here.


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