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Monday, July 16, 2012

tRRivial Persuit

I spotted a 1951 Silver Wraith 'wedding car' yesterday. A quick spot of 'Googling' told me that this particular car's previous owners were Scott Abbott and Chris Haney, inventors of the game 'Trivial Pursuit' and is one of 124 in the world.
Here's the old Park Ward advertisement that helped me identify the coachbuilder (ok, so the rear wheel spats and headlamps are different).
The 'Real Car Company' in Wales has sold a few similar Park Wards.
The wheel spats can vary.
The Silver Wraith was designed before the war but not introduced until 1947. Basically a pre-war Wraith with the revised F-head valve layout and some other modifications the 4,257cc engine.
They were never fitted with standard steel factory bodies, the customer instead chose from a magnificent selection offered by the various coachbuilders still in existence at the time.
From 1951 the chassis was fitted with the new 'big bore' 4,566cc. engine and the last one rolled off 'the line' in 1958.
Here's the 1957 price list:
And an almost similar Park Ward design's spec sheet:
Back to the Toronto 'wedding car':
This Park Ward design is beautiful from every angle.
I have no idea whose wedding I crashed - they were still inside the church when I passed by.
And I do hope the car is featured prominently in their future album...
(Posted by David Irvine)


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