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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bentley Motors Snow Videos

Bentley Motors has released a couple of videos about snow.

The first really did not overly appeal to me, but was well produced.

I just kept on thinking, does skiing all day really enable you to accumulative enough wealth to purchase a Bentley Continental GTC?

I think I'm missing something here.

Skiing is like driving a car? OK, but I though they were meant to be selling Bentley cars in this video, not just any car.

These guys to me just do not seem like Bentley drivers, more like standard snow bunnies.

I've been much more impressed with the director Austin Reza's other work for Bentley, especially with the introduction of dub step music, and I like the style he is introducing to Bentley marketing.

The next video is cooler, but not that well produced.

I quite like the Bentley flying suit and the Bentley parachute idea.

But come on, a cock rock sound track? What are they selling 1990s cars here?

I'm not quite sure if this meets the Bentley Motors video production standards. Should have got Austin Reza to do it.

Just compare that video to this proper quality video from Bentley, where Mario Grigorow was commissioned to compose "Bentley Suite Part I" for the video.

It's beautiful, and proper Bentley quality. Certainly not 1990s cock rock!

If you want to get something from the ads, how about this £20.00 Bentley beanie.

Get the Beanie from Bentley Motors here.

Even though it looks like a Chinese knock off, it's not.


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