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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bentley T Long Wheelbase

A reader Jurriën has sent in some great information about his car.

He starts with compliments on the website etcetera, then states, "The only Bentley type that I’ve not (yet) found on your website is the T Long Wheelbase."

He is indeed correct. After 500 posts, I have never mentioned the Bentley T LWB.

And luckily enough Jurriën owns one!

The Bentley T Long Wheelbase was made from 1971 till 1976 and a grand total of just 9 yes, nine Bentley T LWB cars were made. It is certainly a special car to own - and more rarer than Rolls-Royce Phantom IV.

The very first car was LBX11156 and the final car made was LBH24316. Jurriën happens to be the proud owner of the final T LWB ever made, LBH24316.

Here it is.

Bentley T Long Wheelbase lwb

Jurriën also supplied the following quite interesting information about his car.

The car was ordered on 28 October 1975 by Sir William Atkins, the founder and chairman of WS Atkins plc, from Rolls-Royce & Bentley dealer Lex Mead Weybridge.

The car is specified as a Bentley Long Wheelbase without Division and there was unusually no mention of the T-series designation.

Bentley T Long Wheelbase

The exterior colour combination is Moorland green with a black Everflex roof covering. The interior is finished in Beige Connolly Vaumol leather with Cumberland Stone carpets.

Production of the car started on 29 December 1975 which, coincidentally, was Jurriën's 2nd birthday.

On 5 May 1976 the car was delivered to Sir William.

Sir William was always chauffeur driven in the T LWB and kept it for 4 years.

Bentley T Long Wheelbase

The second owner kept the car for well over 27 years.

Since 1985 the car has been serviced and maintained at Royce Service & Engineering.

On 29 December 2008 this car was given to Jurriën by his wife as a present for his 35th birthday, exactly 32 years to the date construction began. A lovely gift!

And this is the reason why you get the LWB - the rear leg room!

Bentley T Long Wheelbase

It still has all the original features and comes with a complete history file which even includes the original sales invoice.

So do you want one?

Luckily one of the nine cars made is for sale in France. Here it is.

Bentley T Long Wheelbase lwb

Observe the extra 4" in the rear window, a rear site with a Bentley grill.

Bentley T Long Wheelbase lwb

It a 1973 version.

Bentley T Long Wheelbase lwb

If someone knows the chassis number, do let me know.

Bentley T Long Wheelbase lwb

The asking price is 19900 €.

Bentley T Long Wheelbase lwb

It is for sale by GT-Spirit of La Boisse near Lyon.

Bentley T Long Wheelbase lwb

I do like the leg room!

Bentley T Long Wheelbase lwb

Thank you Jurriën for the great photos and information on his car.

If people know or have photos of the other Bentley T LWB cars, do send them in.

This was for sale on ebay a while ago.

Yep, another Bentley T long wheelbase salon.

The rear door gives it away!

It is a 1976 model.

With lots of leg room.

And how about another?

Here is a Bentley T1 LWB photo from Marinus Rijkers excellent site,

Notice the division in the car if you look close.

So that is 4 out of 9 Bentley T1 LWB in one post. Do sent in photos of the other 5!



At 2:54 am, Blogger Tareeka said...

Hi Guys,
I got across one of those nine made 197? Bentleys T1 Long Wheelbase with a glass divider between front and rear seats!
Car was spotted in a car show in Cairo Egypt. It is in a perfect shape, a showroom condition: all original even paint, very little millage on the clock too
One thing is really unusual about this beauty! The little RR chrome badge on each side of the leather rooftop that is only found on Rolls Royces is there on this Bentley!!! Can anybody explain?

Best regards,

At 7:45 pm, Blogger Bros650 said...

I also have a Bentley LWB owned by Sir William Atkins. Mine is a 1978 T2 however and it is one of 10 T2's of the 3 RHD's made. ???????. Anyway it's a great old beast and is supporting the economy of some middle eastern country.

At 8:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you still got this? Would be lovely to see pictures.


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