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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Derby Bentley Factory

Every been interested in having a bit of a look around the old Derby factory?

Well, why not say - right now?

Here is the Derby Factory from above. Zoom in a take a look around.

And here is it from the street. Again, use the controls to walk around the factory, and have a look at the boarded up buildings!

This is the main entrance.

Go on click on the image below and have a look around.

And one of the side gates. Not the most hospitable entrances.

It is quite interesting. I'm just happy that architectural styles develop and grow, and as for me the Derby factory is a touch dull and dreary. I think the psychiatrists would have made a lot of money. But that would not be proper. There was probably a keep calm and carry on attitude amongst the workers I'm sure.



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