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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bentley Turbo R Hooper

Here is a Bentley Turbo R Hooper currently advertised in Germany.

It reads that it is a Bentley Turbo R Plus - and unusually does not mention Hooper in the ad.

But one can certainly tell by the additions to this car. The rear Hooper window is a dead giveaway, as are the colour coded bumpers.

The chromed alloys with a black B are not from the factory, and if you look closely there is the Hooper extra chrome strip between the rear lights.

The interior is a bit special as well.

All the extra wood is very nice.

And take a look at that centre console. The installed phone is quite a period feature!

It is one to take along to a drivers club, owners or enthusiasts meet. It would start conversation.

It is for sale by MK Automobile & Boote for 17.990 EUR

It is an 1989 model by the way. Special.

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