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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bentley Zagato Continental GTZ

Modern coachbuilding is special. So special that the cost is slightly ridiculous. Actually not just slightly, well a little bit more - make that arr more than 6 times, though not quite 7. The list price of the GTZ is £850,000.

A total of 10 Bentley Zagato Continental GTZ cars are expected to be built all to order, except the demonstrator. They will be numbered cars 00 to 9.

With the car, there is a possibility the the word 'Continental' could have been dropped from the name, and the car called just the Bentley GTZ, but Continental GTZ is more appropriate.

Each body panel has been restyled from the GT Speed, and all are hand beaten in aluminium. The rear lights are said to cost £79,620 a pair, so watch out for car park accidents.

One right hand drive version is said to be in the works, awaiting commissioning.

So do you want one? The demonstrator is currently for sale in Italy here at a little bit of a premium.

The asking price is 1,560,000 EUR. So at today's exchange rate that is £1,468,884.92 GBP, $2,004,291.24 USD, $3,074,983.62 AUD and for the sake of it ฿70,286,485.17 THB - Thai Baht if you care.. I could not quite work our the Zimbabwe conversion rate though.

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