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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Bentley Buccaneer

Bentley Spotting has featured the Bentley Buccaneer a couple of times before, and one can read about the six cars that were made for the Royal Family of Brunei here.

The link lists the VIN numbers for the cars and a little history with some ideas.

The silver car above is a well known photo that has recieved mainstream press.

The red photo was the first to reveal a better view of the front. You can really tell it was an early design version of the current Bentley Continential GT.

What has surfaced is another picture! It was taken in Gatwick when the cars were being loaded onto a plane to be taken to Brunei. There are actually two Bentley Buccaneer's in the photo. You can tell that under the sheet next to the exposed car lays another.

Read more about the Royal Family of Brunei coach built Bentleys here.

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