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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bentley Turbo RT Olympian

In 1998 the Bentley Turbo R body shape was 18 years old. I was pretty obvious that an all new model was going to come out. It did that year, the Bentley Arnage.

There were difficulties at Rolls Royce and Bentley, with the sale of the company and confusion over the branding and the future.

They however still had to sell cars, and made a few special models like the Bentley Turbo S , and this one, the Olympian.

Four Olympian cars were made, and were a dealer specific special to Jack Barclay, still the most successful dealer in the world today.

It came with a Hooper discrete window, and special badging.

The wheels are a highlight and would look great on a 1981 model. Also the headlight surrounds are shinny, a feature that was also on the Arnage.

A couple have been up for sale in the past, but if you realy want to experience the Bentley Olympian you can also hire an example from a British company called Car Men Rollers.

From Maidstone, Ashford or the Kent Coast to either London, Gatwick or Heathrow costs between £150.00 and £200.00.

All the Bentley Olympians feature a centre mounted badge on the badge bar, but I am unsure what it is or what it says.

Pictures courtesy (Jack Barclay, Car Men Rollers)



At 3:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the best rt mulliner you are likley to see that dont come up for sale verry oftern


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