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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jack Barclay Bentley and Bugatti

Last week when Bentley Motors invited me on a factory tour of Crewe, I did pick up some goodies from The Bentley Collection.

Mainly from the Motorsport collection of course.

Here is a sneak peek from inside the factory. I'll post the story soon.

Well, Crewe did not actually have the wallet I wanted in stock.

But in fact it did not really matter for me, as it gave me an excuse to go to Jack Barclay Bentley and Bugatti.

It was my first trip to this iconic dealership.

Here is what they had in the window.

Certainly a nice Mulsanne.

In the other window there was a GTC Speed, I do like it.

And of course an Arnage drives past on the street.

On stepping inside, today you are greeted with a pearl white Mulsanne. Certainly stunning.

I then spoke to a lovely lady and explained that when I was on a Crewe factory tour last week, they did not have the wallet I wanted in stock from The Bentley Collection.

She then showed me what they have, but alas it was not on display.

It was off to the stock room to see what they had not on display.

I asked if it was ok to take some pictures, and it was fine, so here is the current floor stock of Jack Barclay.

To stage right is the very popular Flying Spur.

There were plenty on the production line at Crewe last week.

Word is that production in Germany is starting soon, as they did with the Continental Flying Spur at the start.

Now off to stage left.

A great SuperSports. I think it's an Ice Speed Record edition with those wheels.

Now over to the special one. The Bugatti GrandSport.

Gloss blue over matte blue.

A great modern take on the Bugatti French racing blue.

It would certainly divide opinion, but I do really like it.

It is just so of the moment.

The lovely lady was still in the stock room, so I took more happy snaps.

This SuperSports colour is great.

The black wheels with black trim and mesh is on the money.

Well, they also did not have the wallet in stock.

They offered to try the spare parts area, but I said not to worry, I'll buy it online and have it sent to me.

Here is the drive way for getting the cars inside.

Now that's cool to have a picture of the Speed 8 beyond the turntable.

No wallet, but I liked it anyway, with great customer service.


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