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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Never Leave Your Camera at Home

Our Ken finds them everywhere...

Here is a sample of his most recent shots.

A roadside display for a 'Wedding for Hire' car:

A GTC in Mickey D's drive thru:

And a lovely Silver Cloud III on the motorway:

Coachbuilder anyone? James Young?
Comments please.

And some Proper Motor Cars at the Kent Classic car Show:

Ooops, I almost mistook this Fiat 132 coupe for a Camargue...

Take it from me - always have a camera handy.
(Posted by David Irvine. Shots by Kenjonbro again. Thanks Ken)


At 8:01 pm, Anonymous Michael Ehrhardt said...

yes, the body of the Cloud III is by James Young.

All the best,


At 4:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Owned by Tony James, current Spares-Consultant and a Past-Chairman of RREC


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