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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sultan of Johor's Garage Tour

Now this video is quite special.

Here is the Sultan of Johor taking a Philippine, I presume journalist, taking her around his garage.

It is quite an eye opener.

My favourite car is the Bentley Val D'Isere by Robert Jankel.

I like the moment where she says, Rolls-Royce.. who made this car? The Sultan says Robert Jankel.

How funny is it that he does not allow her to look inside because it has porn in it!

Talk about a shaggin wagon station wagon.

It's great.

It has previously been spotted in Singapore here.

The twin set of Mulsannes are also very impressive, more on them here.

Now if someone could ask the Sultan of Brunei to take them on a tour of his garage...


At 4:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible collection of cars!

At 2:17 am, Anonymous basman007 said...

haha, yeah, I saw this the other day, good stuff :)

At 5:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sultan is a very nice guy. But this was the dumbest and most annoying TV presenter ever. I never thought there are women dumber than Paris Hilton. And what does she speak? A mix of English and Malaysian? The cars were not so impressing. I don't like the new Bentleys and RRs. But he got me with his incredible fleet of super-fantastic Mercedes 600 Pullmans! They are a dream. For such a fantastic Benz I give ten Goodwood Phantoms!

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