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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1967 Bentley T 2 door Saloon by James Young

So, fancy a very rare Bentley T Coupe or 2 door Saloon by James Young?

You know, the not so elegant 2 door that RR&B dealer Jack Barclay persuaded coachbuilder James Young to make in 1966 and 1967.

The one that was always bound to fail, where coachbuilding on a monocoque chassis is near on impossible?

Well only 15 Bentley versions were every made, and 35 Rolls-Royces so they are a little hard to find.

And weirdly they also tend to lead very rough lives.

Like they end up up a tree as a garden ornament here, are potential victims of cyclones here, have been spotted in pretty bad condition on the road here, been modified into a rubber bumper bar Shadow 2 here and even ended up at the bottom of the ocean as a wreck dive here.

It's a little hard to fathom considering their rarity, but guess what - there is a goodie for sale!

Check this out.

Yep is chassis number CBO2278, the very last Bentley T 2 door Saloon by James Young every made by James Young.

It's the first one I have seen with badges on the C pillar. I think it goods good.

There is 56k miles on the ODO, and the current and second owner has owned it since 1977.

The James Young 2 door is certainly distinctive.

Here is the engine.

Now the chassis plate, which is mentioned on Marinus Rijkers's website here.

I really do like the unusualness of this car, and its slightly awkward design. I want it big time!

So it you want to buy it - hit up ebay of course - auction ID 310646515834 which ends in 8 or so hours, current bid is US $19,100.00.


At 12:36 am, Blogger silvawraith2 said...

This is an interesting car, no doubt, but certainly those huge badges were never originally specified for the car! It's a pity the front seats aren't in better condition - the correct Connolly hide is no longer available, and their 'Vaumol' range used for this car was discontinued in 1985. The rear seat is saveable, but in any event, the leather will not match or be correct.

At 6:30 pm, Blogger Arthur Francis said...

There Is a James Young T in Melbourne.
CBH 1642 is in excellent condition


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