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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crewe at the Toronto Classic Car Auction

I managed to escape for a few hours and check out the Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction on Airport Road this weekend in search of RRs & Bs. I needed a fix having not been able to attend the San Antonio meet this week.
I found some:
Greeted at the door by a 2006 Bentley Arnage R:
Snacks, anyone?
I wonder how much cash I could get out for this car?
Anyway, more Crewe cars.
Three Rolls-Royce Silver Spurs, a Bentley Continental GT and a Corniche FHC. 
The 1985 Spur:
This nice 1996:
This white 1988 has a lovely interior:
Here's the black Conti GT:
But here's my favourite. An 1976 RHD Rolls-Royce Corniche FHC in Balmoral Green. Imported by it's current British owner 15 years ago with he moved to Canada.
One the last FHC chrome bumper cars.
I do hope to see this one at RROC events when it changes hands.
It was interesting comparing the three different Spur wheels as the model evolved.
The Silver coloured car and the Corniche both used these:
The '88 here:
And finally, the 1996 alloy:
The auction ends on Sunday.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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Appreciate for sharing this Beautiful Car..Love it

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