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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Oh my...
How can it be...?
New York Knicks' superstar Stephon Marbury drives a hybrid of a Cadillac Escalade with a Rolls Royce Phantom front end. It sports a stainless steel hood and side skirts, suicide rear doors, custom rear lights and a custom tailgate. Apparently using real Rolls-Royce parts.
Oh dear me..
Rolls-Royce would never make an S.U.V.
Or would they?
Britain's CAR magazine has shown a rendition of what the 'proper' Goodwood version may look like (emphasis on the word May...)
Motor Trend magazine says:

"If a Rolls-Royce off-roader were to be built, it would likely ride on the next-gen long-wheelbase BMW 7 Series' platform, codenamed G12, instead of the platform for the larger next-generation Phantom since the automaker wants every part of its flagship to be unique. A crossover on the G12 platform would allow Rolls-Royce to fit a V-12 under the hood and avoid hemoRRhaging money by developing a bespoke all-wheel-drive system.

The report suggests that the company is reportedly mulling over two different design directions for the more rugged Roller, dubbed 'Coach' and 'Pullman'. Coach is styled after a horseless carriage, with stately, square styling, and slab-sides. The windows would be small, and the car would have fat wraparound C-pillars, giving the interior a vault-like feel. Pullman, on the other hand, would feature a more contemporary design, inspired by famous steam engines like the Royal Scotsman. Lower and longer than Coach, Pullman would feature a panoramic roof, and a split rear tailgate that's designed to act as a bar while tailgating. Both Coach and Pullman designs would feature standard Rolls-Royce trademarks like a Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament, an ornate cathedral grille and rear suicide doors."

Goodwood, never mind the bandwagon, please stick to Rolls-Royce Motorcars not trucks. It's just the proper thing to do.


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