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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Szczecin Shipyard in a Mulsanne

Check out this very well produced video for the car culture quarterly magazine "Ramp".

It's a Polish magazine.

Here is the quote "We drive around the Szczecin Shipyard in a Mulsanne, no biggie."

Totally cool - I like their attitude.

Filmed and edited by Tomek Kućkowski & Co. Very well done mate. It is superb!

Definitely better than some videos Bentley Motors has commissioned.

Here is the satellite image on the Szczecin Shipyard.

View Larger Map

Thanks for posting it.


At 6:23 am, Anonymous Dralon Dan said...

This. Is. Brilliant.

At 5:23 am, Blogger bentleyspotting said...

It is such a good video.


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