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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Subtle Differences

We could go into details as to when, what market and why, but here are simply some photographic observations of various evolutions within the SY (Silver Shadow/T) range's exterior. You need to be in a room full of them to appreciate it all....
I have been there.
Please add your own observations to the 'comments' box.
The outside:
Grilles differ.
Then the American deep rubber bumper cars:
But there was a very late Shadow II with Spirit style rounded edges:
And a short rubber bumper:
As opposed to the long  American one:
Then the trunk handle:
'Grab it from the top or bottom...'
And the late cars.
'Lower side only.'
The wheel covers of course:
Original unvented with lock:
Without lock:
Then the smarter looking vented ones:
And the Wraith II, Corniche and Camargue covers and rings:
Narrow  wheel arches or flared:
The air dams that cover those 'ugly bits':
Spot the difference.
These cars are not all alike.
Read the Bible by Malcolm Bobbitt:
This book is worth whatever you can get it for.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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