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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Bentley Keys

I'm lucky enough to have the original Yale driver's key to my Bentley Turbo R, as well as the original Yale service key.

The service key opens the door and starts the engine, but does not open the boot, glove box or centre console, so no one steals anything from you. Trustworthy.

The Yale drivers key has the period key ring, the service key as a Bentley Sydney keyring.

My second driver key is a copy, a Silca key with a modern Bentley keyring.

The copy key requires a little jiggle for the drivers door, and no jiggle for the ignition. The Yale driver key is silky smooth.

The part number a for blank key is UB70981 and comes in the packaging in the picture.

Key blanks are also available from eBay, however prices vary. Considerably.

For example blanks go for US$11.77 right up to US$345.95, not including cutting or delivery.

Certainly US$345.95 is a lot for a blank key.

I was in need of a spare key for my 15" alloy hubcaps, as I only had one key.

Luckily enough Class Locksmiths in Fyshwick, Canberra stocks blanks for Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

So I went over to Fyshwick and got some more keys cut.

And the cost? Much better than $345.95 from ebay, $8.50 for the driver's key including cutting, and $7.50 for the hub cap key. I got 2 of each.

As Fyshwick is a rounded place in Australian for porn and fireworks and being an industrial suburb, I had to be a blokey Aussie.

I totally ate a meat pie in Fyshwick.

Here they are, an ilco key for the driver and a Silca key for the wheels.

Yes, that is a ridiculously large 'B' keyring. It matches my yellow wheels.


At 6:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Summer in the city, while Europe is under snow and our Bentleys packed away until spring - you lucky antipodes!!


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