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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Snowy Christmas!

We can find lots of appropriate pictures:
Martin Bourne (one of the members of the Silver Shadow design team) in snow with a Silver Shadow and a 'bottle of spring water'...?
Note the 'TU' registration.
A Silver Shadow in snowy conditions  (both of these from Malcolm Bobbitt's book):
A 'TU' plate again.
Or a sad 'photoshop' attempt of my 'out the windshield' view from a certain German car taken in Hull, Quebec, Canada yesterday...
Then some of Rodd's real shots:
And two of my own:
This one being my personal favourite from two years ago:
Now the very frightful one (Rodd's from two years ago) :
Have a very Merry Christmas!
From all of us in Australia, Japan, U.S.A and Canada (x2)
(posted by David Irvine)


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