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Monday, December 24, 2012

Bentley T James Young 2 door

Check out this barn find Bentley full of moss.

Look closely at it.

Have you noticed it yet? Yeah, it's modern coachbuilding.

That's right, the car is a Bentley T 2 door saloon by James Young Ltd.

The long doors are a dead give away.

The name plate is in order. The story goes that Jack Barclay encouraged James Young to continue coach building even though the cars had become monocoque.

Those rear seats are certainly a rare spot to be in.

Number SY28. Nice.

From the front.

Now the back.

Have you been thinking, why on earth is there so much moss on the car?

Check it out.

Well durr, of course the previously owner used it in his flower display at the Hampton Court Flower show.

It was his first flower show showing, and he won best in show!

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2007

Lets put the Bentley on a stick and have flowers grow out of it.

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2007

Good idea mate. Yeah, do it to a super rare coachbuild car, it will not annoy anyone at all.

Bentley, One Careful Owner (with Mac)

It seems that these James Young 2 door cars have hard lives. 35 Rolls-Royce versions were built and 15 Bentley versions.

Another one was found in a barn after Hurricane Katrina here. A worse for ware one has been spotted in California here and one has even ended up in the bottom of the ocean as a dive feature here.

It is for sale on ebay here.

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At 7:08 am, Blogger Unknown said...

She's with me now

At 12:06 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

I have one in Florida a Bentley


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