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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Trumps


When I was a kid I loved playing the Top Trumps card game.


I knew every card by heart and could tell you the top speed, engine size and horsepower for each car.


Card D3, a Bentley Corniche Saloon, was one of my favourites:


I knew that the 6,750 cc engine would beat almost all the other cars.


But at the time I didn't realize how few Bentley Corniche Saloons there actually were.


Between 1971-77 there were 780 Rolls-Royce Corniche Saloons made.


But only 53 Bentley equivalents!


So it's not common to find one for sale…


Especially one that is finished in the same colour scheme as the Top Trumps car.


But there is currently a 1974 Bentley Corniche Saloon for sale in France…


And it's finished in blue with a black everflex roof. Here are some photos…








The colour looks a little different...but could it be the Top Trumps car?


I don't know….but please let Team Bentley Spotting know if you do!


Thanks to for the production figures.


(Posted by Andy)


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