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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Difficult Times

The economy is in tatters, business is tough, profits are down…


There's only one thing for it…it's time to downsize.


Something more fuel efficient…


Hybrid? Electric? Perhaps even pedal power?


But you know you'll miss your Rolls-Royce…


Team Bentley Spotting has the answer!


And here it is…


The Tri-ang Sharma Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible.


Produced from the early 80s to early nineties, and in two versions, one powered by a 12-volt battery…the other by pedals!


It's even available with registrations RRM1 to RRM6 and in three colour options…red, white or blue.


Here is an example of "RRM1" in red…

It features an all-plastic monocoque with a dummy drop-down hood and molded windscreen made from perspex.


The Spirit of Ecstasy is made from rubber….safety matters.


At least the steering wheel is authentic…


But the central driving position may take some getting used to!


It comes fully optioned with dashboard switches for operating the lights and horn.


And all examples are supplied with a key, owner's log book and miniature road fund license (tax disc).


Here's a photo of a full-size Corniche being traded-in…


What could be better during these difficult times?!


I'm going to keep a look out for the Silver Cloud version…


(Posted by Andy)


At 6:56 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Any idea how much one of these is worth in excellent condition with all the paperwork?


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