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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Rightly Done, Indeed.

"Whatever is rightly done, however humble is noble"
-Sir Henry Royce.
A fine example of a Phantom III at the Louisville meet.
1939 Phantom III 3DL122
A well known car in the RROC circle.
The original owner of the chassis was none other than fellow Ulsterman Harry Ferguson.
Of humble origins in Northern Ireland.
Innovator and designer of aeroplanes, tractors (Massey Ferguson & David Brown) and four wheel drive vehicles leading up to the famous FF system made famous by Jensen Cars:
He could own anything he wanted and he chose a Phantom III.
The epitome of engineering.
The last project Sir Henry Royce was fully involved in.
This chassis originally carried a Barker swept tail division body but now carries one of John Blatchley's early designs when he worked for J.Gurney Nutting.
Mr. Blatchley is responsible for the Silver Cloud/ Bentley S series cars and of course the Silver Shadow/T series. Sir David Plastow endorses his designs as timeless.
The current body on this car came from another Rolls-Royce designed solely by Blatchley for Hubert Scott Paine and was refitted to 3DL122 as 'The Smarter Body moved to the Better Chassis' by the 21st Earl of Shrewsbury (of Talbot Motor car fame).
The car has been shown in recent years at Pebble Beach and has ascended Pikes Peak.
The final product is quite stunning.
The split rear window and the flowing bodylines just take your breath away.
Interior details abound...
Definitely one of the favourites.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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