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Sunday, July 01, 2012

1985 Bentley Mulsanne L

Sometimes it is a little sad when people do not know what they have got, and take things a little bit too far.

Take this example. A quick glance and you know someone really likes it, but something is not right.

From the back - oh it's a Bentley Mulsanne. Not a Turbo R.

Take another look from the side. Notice it?

Yeah - it has extra length to the rear door. It is a Bentley Mulsanne L.

Wow - a Mulsanne L, they are rare.

Only 49 Bentley Mulsanne L cars were ever made from 1980 to 1987.

And on a Mulsanne L is it all about the rear seat, so it is very appropriate to see picnic tables, over rugs and foot rests.

Actually - I did not realise that leather padded picnic tables were on 1985 cars. Quite an early example.

But now lets take a more detailed look at the front of this rare 1 of only 49 ever made Bentley Mulsanne L.

Please no!

Why have you made it look like a common Turbo R where over where over 4500 were made?

It does not make sense.

A Bentley Mulsanne L should be the limousine it was designed for. Not a sporting Turbo road-handling car.

Please can we have the polished chrome grille surround back? Please, in a Mulsanne L you need to have vains, not mesh.

Please why have you painted the bumper bars? You have even painted the polish stainless strip along the centre of the rubber. Why?

Just leave it along. It's a limousine for heaven sake, not a Turbo.

And you know I have to comment on them.

The home brew headlights. Take a look. Pure back yard job there!

That's right, straight to the local auto parts hop for H1 and H4 lights, and cut a bit of plastic out and hey presto! Twin head lamps from a Turbo R. Not quite though. There is a reason why the plastic surround is expensive.

And the black outline. Why? Head lamps have chrome surrounds, not black. It just makes it look weird.

It just emphasizes the home brew nature of the head lamp conversion.

To be a bit honest, I like the do it yourself nature of this conversion, and the smooth result looks interesting.

But please not on a rare Mulsanne L. Any 1985-1986 Turbo - go ahead and do it.

Umm, hello wired badge on the steering wheel.

Maybe I've been a little to harsh. The car looks good, and you can tell someone cares a lot about it.

It is just totally done to the wrong car.

Please can we have the 1985 Bentley Mulsanne L back.

It did not sell on ebay here.


At 6:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I own one of 49 and with all original parts except for the radio.....(nav,bluetooth and video in head rests.Just 67,000 miles. Does anyone know it's value?


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