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Sunday, July 08, 2012

New Bentley Continental Y

Is this the special new Continental Y?
As in "Why?"
This isn't a bad copy but...
Drop the 'Special Edition' badge for a start.
You want 'Special Edition'?
You need to stick this on. This is Special Edition Bentley Motors' style:
(This badge is probably unavailable on Ebay)
But alas...
It's a bit off, but again not too bad...
This badge is real.
It's not quite right. But some may never notice.
But , bloody Hell, the taillights...
Why go to all that trouble and mess up on this?
There's gotta be a set out there somewhere.
Here's how it oughta' be.
This is VERY real:
Oh dear, so back to the 'Canadian Tire' automotive & trailer accessories aisle.
Wrong again...
Here's the proper set.
B for 'Bling'.
Back to the fake:
Again, a good attempt, but why go to all the trouble?
A lot of work did go into this. A fairly good job and I really do respect that.
But why bother?
Continental Rs are some twenty years old now and almost affordable. Why fake it? Ok, so cheap repair bills and insurance, but it's NOT REAL!!!
They're out there:
Try to explain that to everyone who asks.
"Euhhh, welllll, it's not really a Bentley but looks like one and... - Oh My God - Why did I do This...?"
I almost want to like like it but I have experienced the real thing.
There is just no substitute.
Close, but no cigar.
Oh, and the engine's a little bit different too...
It can't sound right.
(posted by David Irvine)


At 7:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. I got flamed big time once when I posted a comment on a Rolls Royce Phantom replica. I said why go through all the trouble and expense when for $25k you can aquire a genuine Silver Spur? The vitriol that was spewed at me was crazy.

Oh well. To each their own, as it says in the bible. (or did I read that in the Enquirer?)


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