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Monday, July 02, 2012

The Naked Silver Shadow

Never mind Quentin Crisp...
This is better...
First a few teasers of the fine array of Silver Shadows and Ts in Louisville last week:
The above car could pass off as a Hooper if it had stainless steel sills....
Nice two tone dark and very dark green.
Now a fine Silver Wraith II (still a Silver Shadow to me) :
Back to Silver Shadows:
A first place winner - a Silver Shadow II :
This T also being a first place car :
Outdoor shots:
I had to throw that one in.
Alright so now we drop the veil....
This is Bentley Zionsville's wonderful 'Naked Silver Shadow'.
A 'beyond repair' 1976 car now being used to demonstrate all the car's hydraulics.
This should be in the Science Museum...
It's quite amazing. Just hook up a power source and everything works...
Messrs. Albers (Mark & Greg), you are geniuses.
And Mark, the seminars were a great learning experience.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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