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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Observations in Louisville.

The Louisville Cardinals....
The basketball team - not a handful of Red Crewe products.
Well, mine is Cardinal Red at least. Maybe the others aren't.
By the way I have noticed that the entire secure parking area smells like a big Rolls-Royce- old leather, old wood, oil and a bit of gas (or petrol) thrown in. Savour it. Some people don't appreciate this....
So this week can we be the 'Unofficial Louisville Cardinals...?'
That's okay, right....?
He doesn't look too happy.
I had never been to Louisville before. It's a really nice city.
Okay, so the 'Fifth Third?'. Is that fifteen - or just one and two thirds?
Something to think about when there is nothing else to do.
Euhh, not this one...
Oooooh, nice spot...
Yeah, nicely put...
Is it Cardinal Red too?
Probably not, but let's just pretend it is - it's fitting for this post.
What does that writing on the road say? "GNIKRVd ON?"
I certainly would if I knew what it meant.
This car is also on the list of my cars to have.
Another red car was two cars behind it:
See what you all missed while at dinner.....
Yes, KFC as in 'Kentucky....'
And I would never consider doing this from the left lane:
And just who else would be in a theatre...?
And the late arrivals keep trickling in...
We are trying to determine the name of this colour. I have seen it before...
A special order blue.
Oh, and even the elevators look like they are panelled in Rolls-Royce or Bentley veneers...
Did they do that just for us?
(Posted by David Irvine)


At 4:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance we could see more pictures of the Phantom with the Continental Kit spare tire?


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