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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bump & Grind

I was sent a link to these U.K. dual carriageway shots recently. No one can give me any details but to me it looks like the trailer carrying this (what I assume may be a) Windovers or Hooper bodied late thirties Rolls-Royce Wraith broke loose from its towbar.
Tragic indeed...
Being uprighted:
Are those Swiss plates on the trailer?
Now we can see the damage. Serious ground down sheet metal from a 50 mph slide:
No doubt it will be repaired, but how upset would you be if this happened to yours...?
I would be sick.
Does anyone have more details?
(Posted by David Irvine and thanks to Rodd for coming across the pictures)


At 6:55 pm, Anonymous Michael Ehrhardt said...


the car is a Rolls.Royce Silver Wraith Park Ward Limousine. It belongs to a RREC-member in Switzerland who had it repaired. The car is now painted in black with dark red sides.

Best regards,

Michael Ehrhardt
- webmaster www.rrec,de -


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