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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Always Make Sure You Get Your Chatsworth

Home to the Cavendish family, since Bess of Hardwick settled there in 1549.
Standing on the east bank of the River Derwent,  Chatsworth looks across to the low hills that divide the Derwent and Wye valleys. The house is set in expansive parkland, and backed by wooded, rocky hills rising to heather moorland and contains a unique collection of priceless paintings, furniture, Old Master drawings, neoclassical sculptures, books and other artefacts. Chatsworth has been selected as the United Kingdom's favourite country house several times.
Nice place:
Not sure why Bentley would have a special edition car named after it though. It must be 'Those Guys' in marketing again.
But that's Okay as this is one of my favourite Crewe cars. They can do whatever they want.
Well, Marlow Cars has a special 1998 Continental R for sale - one of just ten Chatsworth Editions.
When will Bentley come out with something like a 'Detroit Edition' ?
Great city, but maybe it's not glamorous enough their Marketing division.
Here's one by a gentleman from Dubai who decided that if Bentley wouldn't make a SUV line (until now) then he could invent one just for himself.
He beat them to it - sort of.
'Detroit Edition?'
It's a just a 'Bummer'.
No thanks.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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