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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Springfield Massachusetts USA

It is well known that from 1921 until 1931, Rolls-Royce had a factory in Springfield, Massachusetts USA.

They made the 40/50 hp chassis as well as Phantom 1.

Worth a pilgrimage? Why not!

A beautiful Bentley Continental and some friends made the trip.

The cars are photographed on the grounds of the old works.

Very nice indeed.

Here is the google street view for those who would like to go on a virtual tour.

View Larger Map

Thanks David for sending in the pictures.


At 1:30 am, Blogger John Robison said...

The cars you photographed are there for restoration work this winter. J E Robison Service is in its 25th year providing service for RR/B motorcars in Springfield, Massachusetts.

We are indeed located on the grounds of the old RR factory. You may be interested in some its other history.

The plant was originally built for Duryea Motors, one of the first automobiles. Then the founder of Indian Motocycle put Springfield Wire Wheel in there, making wire wheels for cars and bikes (this was in the 1920 era when many cars had wire wheels)

Rolls Royce occupied the plant until the depression, after which there was some independent RR service on the grounds till the eve of WW II

The government took the plant and used it as part of the Armory, and at the end it reverted to its civilian owners who put Indian Motocycle in there. They operated independently till the mid-1950s, at which time they went broke and were taken over by an English company.

Those folks eventually ceased motorcycle production and put their Titflex subsidiary there, and they remain on the grounds today.

Titflex recently tore down most of the old plant and replaced it with a modern facility. The part of the grounds our complex is on was sold off from the original plot about 25 years ago.

Our company is online at

Best wishes
John Elder Robison


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