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Monday, January 09, 2012

Shrinking Violet

So you’ve got yourself a standard Bentley Turbo R.

But it’s in a rather unexciting black.

You want something that stands out a little more. Maybe a lot more. Maybe from space.

So how about repainting it purple? Purple rain. No, flames!

Everyone loves flames. White flames!

And tigers. Grrrrrrr. I like tigers.

So you sketch out your amazingly totally normal everyday ideas on how to paint a Bentley - quite nicely drawn in fact.

That should make people notice you.

Hmm, it looks pretty good…let’s get to work.

First the paint blocking.

Then adding the colours to the various parts.

Oh, of course you have to add gold tiger flakes. Why not. Gold flakes make things better.

Now add tiger! The reason? There is no reason!

Tiger - show your face. Grrrrrr.

Now just add the final clear coats and wait for your master piece to shine like the bright star that it is! The bright Bentley Purple White Flame Tiger Star Car!

Just look at my masterpiece from the sky! The best in the universe!

For all to see! Now where are my meds? I can't find my medicine. It doesn't matter, I feel fine.

Not for shrinking violets!

(Posted by Andy - Andy your pictures are extraordinary)


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